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Apollo 17 Xmas Memory..jpg
Local High School newspaper article about Apollo 17,

c1950 Am Samoa Christmas card.jpg
c1950 postcard with view of Fagatogo Malae area village and Govt. Bldgs.

1940 Am. Samoa Payroll form..jpg
An Am. Samoa Government Payroll Form and photographs of typical government workers.

Manua Deed of Cession in Samoan.Pg 1.jpg
The 1904 Manu'a Deed of Cession signed by the last Tuimanu'a (Highest Chief of Manu'a Islands (Samoa)).

American Samoa Bicentennial Parade. 1976.

American Samoa 1912 Independence Day Program..jpg
Faatonu newspaper notices about July 4th activities.

1926 Memorial Day Program.jpg
U.S. Nat. Archives T1182 public microfilm document.

1901 Memorial Day.tif
Copy of a Library of Congress photograph.

Unveiling the Anglo-American Memorial 7-29-1900 at Apia Samoa.png
A Thomas Andrews photograph

Sydney Herald 9-3-1900 story of the Anglo-American memorial at Apia.jpg
The Anglo-American Memorial was unveiled in Apia, Samoa on July 30, 1900.
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